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Prostate Cancer Testing

  Prostate Cancer Testing: Navigating The Maze By: John King     September was Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  If you’ve been on social media then you probably have seen at least one advertisement reminding men to get their prostates checked. But what does this entail? Usually, just a simple blood test and a physical exam. […]


WHY YOU MAY BE MISSING THE BOAT WITH YOUR TESTOSTERONE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM BY JOHN KING Declining levels of testosterone in the aging male is known to cause such maladies as: fatigue, depression, low libido, sexual dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, heart disease, mental decline, loss of endurance and weight gain. This realization has created quite a […]


LIFESTYLE STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING SLEEP QUALITY. BY JOHN KING Many of my clients ask me, “What can I take to get a good night’s sleep?” While I have no problem with using supplements to promote sleep, they are often unnecessary if you incorporate some simple lifestyle changes into your daily routine. I always recommend lifestyle […]


WHY I’M NOT A FAN OF CALORIE COUNTING FOR WEIGHT LOSS BY JOHN KING I was watching The Today Show the other day and happened to catch one of their regular segments Eat This Not That with David Zinczenko. During the segment, David takes us through examples of foods we eat and calorie saving substitutions […]

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